Adept's Math Skills Improvement Assistance

A community service, helping people improve basic mathematics skills by using "Adept's" free math practice software

This page contains computer programs that may help people improve basic mathematic skills. Basic mathematic skills are required in all engineering disciplines.

You may download the Javascript programs for free, test and build your math skills. Programs presents math question, prompts for an answer, checks whether the answer one gave is correct, provides the correct answer, grades and provides percentage score of correct attempts. Note the math questions are also posted on the dialog box, you may move the dialog box to any position on the screen.

Test your addition skills.

  • Leve 1, Addition Level 1
  • Level 2, Addition Level 2
  • Level 3, Addition Level 3

    Test Your subtraction skills.

  • Leve 1, Subtraction Level 1
  • Level 2, Subtraction Level 2
  • Level 3 Subtraction Level 3

    Test your multiplication skills

  • Series Multiplication Series 2 to 12
  • Random Multiplication Random 2 to 12

    Test your division skills.

  • Random Division Random 2 to 12 spacer

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